ElexieL_Grae (elexiel_grae) wrote,

My Very First Entry. ^^

So this is my very first entry! Sorry for the lack of pictures! (to insert later... )

I suppose I should share a little bit about myself first. Besides, who actually reads the profile page anyway? lmao

Well, my name is ElexieL and i am an aspiring fashion designer.
I also hope to get into freelance modeling, industrial music recording, illustration, and Asian-ball-jointed- doll making on the side.

My interests are Gothic and Lolita fashion, sweet and classical styles to be more specific;
I LOVE asianball jointed dolls- super dollfie, eLuts, Delfie, angel of Dream, Dollhearts, peakwoods....

Emilie Autumn is my hero... she's mostly all I listen to, my morning medicine. I hope to be just like her...
Music-wise, beauty-wise, as an artist in general.
She is the DEFINITION of the word artist.
I love gothic industrial music artists like Kittie, Jack off jill, scarling, otep, my ruin, switchblade symphony, just to name a few...

I am kind of into anime such as Rose of Versailles, Revolutionary Girl utena and x/1999. Also Chbits, Le chevelier Deon and others...
Mostly Shoujo, romance, gothic occult and horror and the like...

I am here on LJ to make lots and lots of friends mainly for the EGL and BJD  social neworking communities and groups for meetups and such. it makes life so much more fun!

well, that's all I have to write here for now.
I'll come back later to post up some pix here to make this entry seem ALOT less boring.

Until then, back to sewing for me!

Misery Loves Company,

ElexieL Grae
Tags: artist, bjd, elexiel grae, emilie autumn, first entry, goals, gothic, interests, intro, lolita

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