November 6th, 2009

DS: Closet Clean Out

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  1. Pink Plaid hello kitty mini skirt- $45
    • Punk Loli Tripp arm warmers- $10

    The condition is new. Only worn once for an amatuer photo shoot.
    It’s completey clean and has been sitting in my drawer
    wrapped and untouched for the longest time.
    Great for punk loli.
    Wear this out clubbing, to a concert or even for visual kei/ punk loli cosplay.

    If you would like to see any extra pictures for any of these listed items, please visit my gallery for things "To SELL" on photobucket here:                                                        

      I also feature items that are more into the goth/ punk scene that I wasn't allowed to post here. Feel free to ask about those items also featured in my gallery. ^^
    Here are some of the rejected items in the background of this pic.

    thank you for looking! ^^