DS: Closet Clean Out

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  1. Pink Plaid hello kitty mini skirt- $45
    • Punk Loli Tripp arm warmers- $10

    The condition is new. Only worn once for an amatuer photo shoot.
    It’s completey clean and has been sitting in my drawer
    wrapped and untouched for the longest time.
    Great for punk loli.
    Wear this out clubbing, to a concert or even for visual kei/ punk loli cosplay.


    If you would like to see any extra pictures for any of these listed items, please visit my gallery for things "To SELL" on photobucket here: http://s5.photobucket.com/albums/y172/xfallen_azn_angelx/to%20sell/                                                        

      I also feature items that are more into the goth/ punk scene that I wasn't allowed to post here. Feel free to ask about those items also featured in my gallery. ^^
    Here are some of the rejected items in the background of this pic.

    thank you for looking! ^^


WTS: Metamorphose, Mary Magdalene, Replica, Tripp, Lip Service, Offbrand, acessories, goth, punk

Hello and welcome to my very first official Closet Clean Up sale!
Most of my items are actually within the gothic subculture, but can be incorporated beautifully in authentic Lolita outfits. I also have some Victorian inspired pieces as well as a few punk items.


I have drastically decided to shed my gothic/ punk image for a sweeter and a bit more classical Lolita look.

I actually hope to save up enough money to buy my very own dress form so that I can sew more efficiently.
Please help me make my dream a reality by just looking at what I have to offer.
Thank you so much!

Here are the Rules:
1.) Priority goes to whoever can pay first
2.) If you feel that a price listed is a little unreasonable, please don’t be shy to make me an offer
3.) I only accept Paypal as a form of Payment
4.) Prices do not include shipping. I ship from CA, USA.
5.) Please don’t be shy to ask questions about sizing
6.) I can combine shipping if needed
7.) Prices are set in USD. Find your estimated price range in your currency (assuming you’re not from the US on xe.com)
8.) No refunds, returns or exchanges after the transaction.
9.) I can hold an item for only 3-5 days. Then the item goes to the highest paying customer, or the customer who pays first.

Alright, thank you, happy shopping!

1.) White Victorian Tripp Bustier- $30
Condition: New, unused
Original Price: $38

I bought this bustier about two years ago at the original price of $38 at Hot Topic. This bustier was tried on only a couple times, but never worn out.
This bustier was actually too big for me, despite being a “small”. The waist itself can stretch to 27 inches (68.5 cm) and is around 24 and a half inches (61 cm) un-stretched. It is designed to fit a 30 (76 cm) inch bust or larger.
Length: 15 inches or 38 cm.
The material it is constructed of is a sturdy material made up of 50% polyester, 47% cotton and 3% spandex; designed to stretch across the torso- it is a bodice and bustier made to give a flattering shape to a curvy wearer. The outer layer mimics the look of silk brocade (of an actual corset), it is adorned in crochet lace and has plastic flexible boning built into the bodice for shape.
I have recently had this dry cleaned, steamed and pressed and is ready to be sold.

Extra Pictures:
Back, details, when worn
(model: My sister)

2.) White chiffon blouse, Edwardian style with waterfall rippled collar- $25
Condition: slightly used and still good
Original Price: $30

I only wore this blouse two times; I wore and bought the blouse two years ago and wore it at my friend's prom (as her date) underneath my tuxedo vest. I also wore this for a photo shoot just yesterday. Meaningless to say, I've only worn it out once.
This blouse is made of chiffon. It is very soft, a little stretchy and if you wear a dark enough camisole underneath, can be a little opaque. It's so light that it practically feels like a second skin! And the waterfall effect of the ruffles is amazing! There are so many looks you can achieve with this one blouse with creative coordination! This is a small, but can be stretched.
This is a great piece and interesting to use for unconventional looks including Gothic Lolita and victoriandustrial (it can also be used for anything rocco-esque), but I just don't use it that often, and so I have to find a better home for this piece. Maybe to a new owner who can put it to better use than I can. ^^
Size: small, but adjustable

Extra pictures:
Back, style
Model: me

3.) Black Metamorphose temps de fille Replica blouse with detatchable collar and sleeves- $45
Condition: Unused, new
Original price: $65

It actually turned out that the purchase of this blouse was a complete impulse buy! I bought it immediately after I fell in love with the picture- and to my surprise, not only was this blouse a little too big on me it did NOT suit my body shape whatsoever. Me being a boy, I don’t have any curves to show off, so I was emphasizing features I really didn’t have- which in the end made me look flattering and frumpy. I have NEVER worn this out, despite trying it on once. And for the past year since I bought it, it is completely brand new.
The blouse was a replica of a Metamorphose design by Momo's handicraft store on Ebay (an online seamstress). The material used is actually pretty good quality; the fabric is 100% cotton, the rose trim and ribbon seem to be of black satin and is well constructed. The shape and construction is made of shirring on the front, back and around the waist for the perfect fit (recommended for a plus size wearer for a snug, form-fitting fit). Though I'm afraid to admit that the lace is not of the best quality, it is a very well made piece.
Again, this blouse is brand new, cleaned and ready to go!
Waist: 25 inches or 63.5 cm when un-stretched; when stretched it can go as far as 40 inches or 101.5 cm, so this is a very versatile sized blouse. It is a little loose and breathable- like chemise and can fit itself to almost any bra size with ease and comfortability.
From waist to collar Length: 13 inches or 33 cm.
From Collar to the bottom hem length: 19 inches or 48.5 cm
Detachable collar length: 6 inches or 15 cm
Detachable collar width (whole entire collar): 30 inches or 76 cm
Neck band: 13 ½ inches or 34.5 cm
Attached short Sleeve Length (with adjustable shirred at the bottom bands): 9 inches or 23 cm
Detachable sleeve lengths: 17 inches or 43 cm

Back, detail, sleeves, worn
Model: my sister
Unfortunately, I don't have a stock photo

4.) Black Mary Magdalene Replica One-Piece- rare- $125
Condition: new, unused
Original Price: $150

This is a one-piece based off of a design by Mary Magdalene, which of course is no longer in stock. In fact the seamstress who made this dress is no longer in business either. So that would make this dress a rare dress indeed.
Again, I impulsively bought this dress at the time because I fell in love with the subtle design and thought it might suit me. But lo and behold...bottom line- it didn't. I'm a boy, so I have no curves to show off and this dress only emphasized that. It looked amazing on my sister though, but it wasn't her style. I would recommend this dress to a tall wearer with curves.
There is a beautiful row of ruffled tiers at the bottom which is very elegant and beautiful.
This is beautiful one piece made of best cotton, lace and trim and lined with acetate satin inside. And it is well constructed too to imitate the original. Unfortunately I don't have a stock photo available
I've kept this dress very well preserved. It's been steamed and pressed and is ready to find a new home. (-hopefully to a wearer that can definitely give it justice!)

Length from Collar to hem (front): 40 inches (101 cm)
“ Length (back): 43 inches (109 cm)
Hips: 32 inches (81 cm)
Waist: 24-26 inches (61- 66 cm)
Bust: 30 inches (76 cm)
Sleeves: 24 inches (61 cm)

Extra Pictures:
Back, detail, style/worn
Model: my sister
Unfortunately, I do not own a stock photo

10.) 2 Black hair extensions- $4
Condition: Completely new and unused!
Original Price: $8

This was yet another impulse buy. After I bought it, I decided I didn't really need it, but couldn't return it afterward, so I've been stuck with these for a couple months now.
Each hair piece is approximately 15 inches (or 38 cm) long. 1 1/2 inch wide (4 cm)

Extra Pictures: details

11.) Pink Hair extension- $2
Condition: Completely new and unused!
Original price: $4

...Basically, the same story as above. And also at the same time, this shade clashed a little with my skin tone after looking a little more closely at it. I’ll probably have to whiten my skin, or find a really good foundation before I can ever pull this color off.
Length: 15 inches or 38 cm long, and 1 ½ inch wide (4 cm).

Extra Picture: detail

14.) Chains, Tripp- $18
Condition: barely used, perfect, very shiny too
Original Price: $21

Bought 4 years ago at Hot Topic. Barely used. Good, clean conditions. It goes great with punk and Gothic Lolita. One of the chains broke off and I replaced it with a safety pin. It actually looks really cool too. ^^
Length: 37 inches or 94 cm

Extra Pictures: detail, worn

16.) Black punk fanny pack belt with cell phone carrying case- $35
Condition: new, rarely ever used
Original Price: $40

I bought this built on vacation in the Philippines in some mall. This surprisingly goes very well with victoriandustrial steam punk, kakoi or punk loli. It can fit a range of sizes from very wide waists to very petit ones like mine (24 inches). It has a zippered fanny pack I like to wear just for show, not to actually use or put things in (kind of like cargo pants). There's a also a cell phone carrier that you can attach or slide off just like the fanny pack.
This belt is perfect for cosplay if you want that final fantasy look or if you just want to add a little (or a lot) of goth punk edge to your look.
Made of leather and corduroy this belt is in perfect condition and ready to go.

Length of Waist size: 32-42 inches (81-107 cm)
Width: 1 5/8 inches ( 4 cm)
Length of fanny pack: 13 ½ inches (34.3 cm)
Width of fanny pack: 5 ½ inches ( 14 cm)
Length of corduroy cell phone pouch: 5 ¼ inches ( 13.5 cm)
Width of corduroy cell phone pouch: 4 inches (10 cm)

Extra Pictures:
Detail, when worn

21.) Pocket Chain, Tripp- $12
Condition: good, like new, once used
Original Price: $15

This is a detachable pocket chain great for any punk accessory use. It has tiny hand-cuff like details and a safety pin as one of the links for the punk aesthetic. It can also be attached to a pocket wallet.
Length: 25 inches or 63.5 cm

Extra pictures: detail

22.) Black Tripp Corset vest Bustier (enhanced by me)- $24
         Condition: used, function, recently steamed
          Original price: $48

This was a bustier bought 3 years ago. It was originally completely black wiith no lace or ruffles. 2 Years ago for fanime, I
enhanced it into the bustier you see today. I added extra ruffled to the collar and extra lace and trim along all the surrounding seems. My sister wore it to fanime for 2 days. I wore it to a party as well as a photoshoot. It's been dry cleaned and steamed several times, so the material feels much lighter and less stiffer than before. The color is still maintained.
I'd also like to add that there is a bit off messy stitching on the inside of the bustier, as I was hurriedly trying to finnish it for a fanime convention the next day; please excuse my carelessness.

Extra photos:

My Very First Entry. ^^

So this is my very first entry! Sorry for the lack of pictures! (to insert later... )

I suppose I should share a little bit about myself first. Besides, who actually reads the profile page anyway? lmao

Well, my name is ElexieL and i am an aspiring fashion designer.
I also hope to get into freelance modeling, industrial music recording, illustration, and Asian-ball-jointed- doll making on the side.

My interests are Gothic and Lolita fashion, sweet and classical styles to be more specific;
I LOVE asianball jointed dolls- super dollfie, eLuts, Delfie, angel of Dream, Dollhearts, peakwoods....

Emilie Autumn is my hero... she's mostly all I listen to, my morning medicine. I hope to be just like her...
Music-wise, beauty-wise, as an artist in general.
She is the DEFINITION of the word artist.
I love gothic industrial music artists like Kittie, Jack off jill, scarling, otep, my ruin, switchblade symphony, just to name a few...

I am kind of into anime such as Rose of Versailles, Revolutionary Girl utena and x/1999. Also Chbits, Le chevelier Deon and others...
Mostly Shoujo, romance, gothic occult and horror and the like...

I am here on LJ to make lots and lots of friends mainly for the EGL and BJD  social neworking communities and groups for meetups and such. it makes life so much more fun!

well, that's all I have to write here for now.
I'll come back later to post up some pix here to make this entry seem ALOT less boring.

Until then, back to sewing for me!

Misery Loves Company,

ElexieL Grae